Want to level up your Python?

I offer nearly 20 different courses to improve your Python skills, at different levels. I've divided them into different categories (with some courses appearing in more than one category).

If you're a Python developer, then I'm sure that I can help you to do more in less time, to write clearer and better code, and to improve your career as a Python developer.


Many thanks for this brilliant course! It was well structured, highly organized, and had a good combination of theory and hands-on assignments. None of us left with unanswered questions.ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Software engineer, IBM
The best instructor in programming I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. His mastery of the content and delivery is excellent. The content of the material, practical examples and attention to detail make this an excellent course.
Software engineer, Cisco
The content, clear delivery and explanation of the concepts was of highest quality. The instructor is supremely knowledgeable and experienced in breaking down the complexities of material. He is really good at using examples for each subject material from a foundational level and gradually building up to more advanced concepts.
Software engineer, Fortune 100 company
The instructor's knowledge and deep understanding of python is unique and exceptional. His ability to decouple the complexities of the language to make it easier to grasp. The content and examples of the class were of highest quality.
Software engineer, Fortune 100 company


What version of Python do you use?

My courses mostly use Python 3.7.

As a general rule, my courses are fine for Python 3.6 and above, except in particular cases.

Is there a “trial” version or sample?

For Weekly Python Exercise:  Yes!  Go to the WPE page to learn more.

For video courses: You can view a number of the videos for free, without purchasing the course. And I offer a 100% guaranteed refund if you need.  

I live in Israel. How do you handle issues like VAT?

If you live in Israel, then please don't buy any of my products (including Weekly Python Exercise) via this online platform. I'm obligated to collect VAT from you, and then to pass it along to the government.  Instead, please e-mail me for information about sending me a bank transfer. I'll then add you to the course, but we'll be able to handle it in the standard and legal way. I apologize for this frustration -- believe me, I wish that the platform I use for selling courses would support Israeli VAT, and I keep asking them to do so.

What if I find that the course is too easy or hard, or that I just dislike your jokes?

If you aren't satisfied with my course, then I'll refund your money.  Just e-mail me.  I believe that I'm offering a high-quality product, but I also know that it's not for everyone.

As for the jokes, people have been trying to help me for years. So far, my jokes have just gotten worse, not better. Oh, well.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, I offer discounts for students, pensioners/retirees, and anyone living outside of the world's 30 richest countries. E-mail me at reuven@lerner.co.il for an appropriate coupon code.

I am experiencing financial trouble as a result of the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. Do you have any discounts for me?

Yes, absolutely. E-mail me at reuven@lerner.co.il, and I'll send you a coupon code that I hope will make it easier for you to purchase my courses.

This discount is not time limited.  So don't feel that you have to rush to contact me about this.

If I purchase a course, for how long can I access it?

Forever. You can access the course as many times as you want, for how long as you want.

Do you offer corporate purchase plans for these courses?

Yes, I offer group licenses, both standalone and for "blended" learning along with my in-person training. Contact me at reuven@lerner.co.il.

Will there be any breaks?

Yes, we'll take one break (about 15 minutes long) in the middle of the class.

I have other questions. What should I do?

Contact me at reuven@lerner.co.il, and let's see what I can do.

Ace Python Interviews

Looking for a new Python job? Review 50 interview questions and answers, live-coded in 6 hours of video.
View course Free

Intro Python: Fundamentals

Jump-start your Python programming with this introduction to the language's fundamental syntax and data structures.
View course $250

Intro Python: Functions

View course $150


Want to do data science in Python? You need NumPy. This course teaches all you need to start analyzing numeric and textual data.
View course $200


An introduction to Pandas. This course assumes that you have already taken my NumPy course (or that you have some background knowledge of NumPy). 
View course $300

Object-oriented Python

Learn how to write object-oriented code (classes, attributes, and methods) in Python! Includes many exercises and solutions.
View course $150

Advanced Python objects

Go beyond simple classes and methods. Understand and master Python's object system.
View course $250

Understanding and mastering Git

Git is super powerful, but for many, it's also super confusing. Learn everything you need to get going with Git — on your own, or at work.
View course $250

Comprehending comprehensions

Comprehensions are one of Python's most powerful — and least understood — tools. Learn how to write and use them, in this in-depth course.
View course $80

Understanding Git, starter edition

Learn the basics of Git — enough to be effective in your work. This course includes about half the content of the larger  Git course.
View course $100

1 hour of Python coaching

Need help with your Python? Let's spend an hour reviewing your code, making it more readable, maintainable, and efficient!
View product $250

Weekly Python Exercise A2: Functions for beginners

Improve your Python, one week at a time, with 15 beginner-level exercises about functions.
View course $120

Weekly Python Exercise A3: Object-oriented Python

15 exercises for Python beginners, focusing on object-oriented programming. 
View course $120

Weekly Python Exercise B1: Advanced topics 1

Improve your Python, one week at a time, with 15 advanced-level exercises on a variety of topics.
View course $120

Weekly Python Exercise B2: Advanced topics 2

Improve your Python, one week at a time, with 15 advanced-level exercises on a variety of topics.
View course $120

Weekly Python Exercise B3: Advanced topics 3

15 advanced exercises in Python, on a variety of topics. 
View course $120

Weekly Python Exercise A1: Data structures for beginners

Improve your Python, one week at a time, with 15 beginner-level exercises about data structures.
View course $120

Practice Makes Regexp — complete package

Improve your fluency via 50 battle-tested exercises with regular expressions. This package includes videos of me solving the problems.
View course $250

Practice Makes Regexp — just the book

Improve your regular expressions via 50 battle-tested exercises.  Includes solutions, but no videos.
View product $39

1 hour of trainer coaching

Want to be a more successful trainer? I can help you teach better and earn more. This is a one-hour coaching product.
View product $200

Iterators and generators

View course $200

Advanced Python data structures

View course $200

Advanced Python functions

View course $150

Python for non-programmers

View course Free

Intro to databases and SQL

View webinar $150

Testing your Python programs with pytest

View webinar $150

Add Python to your resume — Intro Python bundle

View bundle $730

Advanced Python bundle

View bundle $800