Because better developers have better careers

Have a more satisfying, successful, and lucrative career, by becoming more fluent in Python, Git, and related technologies. 

Weekly Python Exercise, next cohort

WPE is a family of 15-week courses to improve your Python fluency. Sign up to learn more, and to learn when registration opens.

Intro Python: Fundamentals

Jump-start your Python programming with this introduction to the language's fundamental syntax and data structures.


Want to do data science in Python? You need NumPy. This course teaches all you need to start analyzing numeric and textual data.

Understanding and mastering Git

Git is super powerful, but for many, it's also super confusing. Learn everything you need to get going with Git — on your own, or at work.

Comprehending comprehensions

Comprehensions are one of Python's most powerful — and least understood — tools. Learn how to write and use them, in this in-depth course.

Object-oriented Python

Learn how to write object-oriented code (classes, attributes, and methods) in Python! Includes many exercises and solutions.


An introduction to Pandas. This course assumes that you have already taken my NumPy course (or that you have some background knowledge of NumPy). 

Practice Makes Regexp — complete package

Improve your fluency via 50 battle-tested exercises with regular expressions. This package includes videos of me solving the problems.

Practice Makes Regexp — just the book

Improve your regular expressions via 50 battle-tested exercises.  Includes solutions, but no videos.

Understanding Git, starter edition

Learn the basics of Git — enough to be effective in your work. This course includes about half the content of the larger  Git course.

1 hour of Python coaching

Need help with your Python? Let's spend an hour reviewing your code, making it more readable, maintainable, and efficient!

Python decorators (live edition)

Live recording of a course about Python decorators. Buy this, and get the Web version when it comes out in 2019!