1 hour of Python coaching by Reuven M. Lerner

1 hour of Python coaching

Get 1-on-1 help with your Python coding or strategy

Stuck with Python?

Python is an amazing language, and relatively easy to learn and use.

But relatively easy doesn't mean that you won't have questions and problems.

I've been using Python since 1993, and have been teaching it since 1995.  I teach everyone from experienced engineers to newcomers to programming, from children to retirees, from simple data structures to machine-learning algorithms.

I'm now making myself available for online Python coaching — the same sort of help I currently give to companies like Apple, Cisco, IBM, Intel, PayPal, Western Digital, and VMWare.

Book an hour with me, and feel less "stuck" with your Python problems.  Whether we talk about general strategy or dive into a pair-programming code review, I'm sure that you'll gain a lot from our session, and be that much more fluent in Python when we're done.

Because better developers have better careers

Have a more satisfying, successful, and lucrative career, by becoming more fluent in Python, Git, and related technologies.