About this course

You've probably heard that computer programming is both fun and interesting.  But you aren't sure how to learn it.

Well, now you can: I'll be holding live, weekly workshops teaching the Python programming language.  Every week, you'll learn a bit more about how to program, and how to use Python.  

It'll be live, so I'll be giving you assignments and exercises — and I'll be taking questions, as well!

And did I mention it's 100% free of charge?

If you sign up here, you'll get notices of when each workshop will take place and you'll also be able to access videos that you couldn't otherwise attend.

I look forward to seeing you!

Python for non-programmers

Want to learn programming, and aren't sure where to start? This 15-part course will get you where you need to go. It was originally recorded over 15 weeks in the spring-summer of 2020. Homework exercises are no longer in the forum, but printed at the bottom of each lesson.  Enjoy!

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