OLD Functional programming in Python (live edition) by Reuven M. Lerner
Enrollment is closed

OLD Functional programming in Python (live edition)

Finally understand comprehensions, lambdas, and lots more
Enrollment is closed


Note: This course, a live recording of Reuven giving this course online, is being revamped, and turned into a course designed for online viewing.  If you buy this edition, you will get access to the new edition for free.

Python isn't a functional programming language per se, but it allows you to use functional programming techniques. These techniques help to make your code shorter, more elegant, more expressive, and even execute more efficiently.

This class, recorded in the summer of 2017, will teach you about functional programming in Python. Specifically:
  • Comprehensions (list, set, and dict)
  • Nested comprehensions
  • Combining comprehensions with other functions and objects
  • Passing
  • Custom sorting
  • map, filter, and reduce — what they do, why they're interesting, and how to use them
  • creating and using lambda expressions
  • The "operator" and "functools" modules

Note: In the early part of 2018, this course will be replaced by a different one, with even more content and designed for offline viewing and learning.  If you buy this course, you will automatically have access to that course, for free.

What's included?

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What do you mean, this is a "live course"?

I gave this course live and online to a number of people in July 2017. The video available here is the recording of that course, including pauses during which people were working on exercises.  This course is being reworked to have even more content, but broken up into many smaller sections, without the pauses, and more appropriate for  learning in chunks from home (or work).

If you buy this course now, then you'll get the revamped version for free.  

What if I dislike the course?

If you don't think  you got value from the course, then ask for a refund, and I'll give you one.