1 hour of trainer coaching by Reuven M. Lerner

1 hour of trainer coaching

Become a better trainer


Are you interested in becoming a technical trainer? Or are you looking to improve or expand your existing training business? I've been doing this for two decades, and spend a lot of time thinking (and writing) about the business and practice of technical training.  

In a one-hour coaching session, I can help you with one or more of the following:
  • Choosing a topic for training
  • How to approach companies
  • Building your syllabi
  • Building your course
  • Training techniques
  • Pricing
  • Upselling to existing clients
  • Improving bad scores

I have helped dozens of other trainers around the world to make more money and to be more successful.  Sign up here, and I'll be happy to help you, too!

When you pay the $200 for a single one-hour coaching session, you'll get a private link you can use to schedule a session with me.

What's included?

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Become a better developer.

I'm Reuven — and for 20 years, I've spent just about every day teaching Python, data science, and Git at some of the world's best-known companies. 

I've recorded my most popular courses here, for you to learn these skills — even if you don't work for a big company.

After taking my courses, you'll be able to to solve bigger problems in less time — allowing you to do your current job better, or to find a new, better job.