Understanding Git, starter edition by Reuven M. Lerner

Understanding Git, starter edition

The essentials of Git you'll use every day


So, you've started to use Git — and it seems horribly confusing. Commands that you used in SVN (or other version-control systems) have the same name, but do totally different things. You can't understand why you get conflicts, what's happening when you "push" and "pull," and why you have to add files before you commit them.  And why are there so many different ways to merge?

If the above describes your state of mind, then you're not alone: Git is powerful, and is one of the best tools I've ever added to my programming arsenal.  But it has a steep learning curve, and is hard for many people to use.

I've taught Git to developers around the world, and over that time I've learned that one of the main obstacles to using Git effectively is understanding what it does, and how it works. In this course, I thus not only teach you Git, but how to think in the way that Git wants you to think.  In this way, you'll not only be able to use Git, but to use it effectively -- and to become a more effective, fluent developer, and a more valuable member of your team.

This course is an abridged version of my larger "Understanding and Mastering Git" course, with many fewer videos and exercises.  This course is for people with limited time and/or budgets who want to get started working with Git right now

The course contains 2.5 hours of video lecture describing how Git works, what the most commonly used commands do, and how to use them effectively in your day-to-day routine.

As a Linux and OpenStack SysAdmin, I maintain configuration files, scripts, etc in Git.... but I never really understood Git, I just used the same 3-4 commands that someone put in a wiki page.

But what if our Git repos were screwed in some way, how would we recover from that? Developers would come to me to fix the issues and I would probably take some 'shotgun' approach to restore them.

This is why I took Reuven's Understanding Git course. Reuven clearly explains how Git works and has provided me the background info I was looking for to confidently maintain Git repos and to make better use of the Git generally. — Maurice Burrows

What's included?

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5 mins
10 mins
04 The "git" command.mp4
3 mins
05 Repositories.mp4
9 mins
08 Adding + committing your first file.mp4
8 mins
11 Reading commit message and SHA-1.mp4
8 mins
12 Exercises.mp4
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13 Exercise solutions.mp4
9 mins
15 Basic log viewing.mp4
11 mins
21 checkout and HEAD.mp4
13 mins
31 Intro to branches.mp4
12 mins
30 Git objects.mp4
16 mins
32 Committing and branches.mp4
9 mins
39 Intro to merging.mp4
5 mins
40 Fast forward merges.mp4
5 mins
41 Exercises with fast forward merges.mp4
2 mins
42 Exercises with fast forward merges — solutions.mp4
5 mins
43 Merge commits.mp4
10 mins
44 Exercises with merge commits.mp4
2 mins
45 Exercises with merge commits — solutions.mp4
7 mins
67 Cloned repositories.mp4
6 mins
68 Git push.mp4
5 mins
69 Pulling, pushing, and conflicts.mp4
15 mins
70 Exercises with pulling and pushing.mp4
2 mins
71 Exercise solutions with pulling and pushing.mp4
9 mins
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