Weekly Python Exercise A2: Functions for beginners by Reuven M. Lerner

Weekly Python Exercise A2: Functions for beginners

15 exercises for Python beginners, focusing on functions.

Launches on April 27th, 2021

Here are the topics that WPE A2 covers

The WPE cohort starting in May is for beginners.  This cohort focus on functions and modules, including:

  • How to write functions and define parameters
  • How and when to use *args and **kwargs
  • How and when to use default parameters, alone and in conjunction with other parameter types
  • How do Python's scoping rules work — and how does this affect me?
  • How to pass functions as parameters to other functions
  • Using some of the most common modules in the Python standard library

WPE A1 focuses on basic data structures, and A3 focuses on object-oriented programming.

Want to learn more about WPE?

Go to the main WPE page, where it's all explained in great detail — including how it works, and how you can see a sample.

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If you're going to program in Python, then you'll need to understand how Python's functions work. After all, you'll be writing functions, and want to do so in the best way possible.  And you'll be reading and maintaining other people's functions — so knowing how they work will definitely help.  By the end of WPE A2, you'll have a thorough grounding in Python functions, and will be able to use them the way they were meant to be used.
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