Weekly Python Exercise A3: Object-oriented Python by Reuven M. Lerner

Weekly Python Exercise A3: Object-oriented Python

15 exercises for Python beginners, focusing on object-oriented programming.  

Launches on September 7th, 2020

Here are the topics that WPE A3 covers

The WPE cohort starting in September is for beginners.  There are three such beginner-level courses, called A1, A2, and A3.  The cohort starting on September 17th is A3, and will focus on object-oriented programming in Python.  (A1 focuses on basic data structures, and A2 focuses on functions and modules.)

  • Defining classes and instances
  • Defining methods
  • Composition of objects
  • Keeping track of shared state among instances
  • Inheritance
  • Basic "magic" methods, such as __str__ and __len__
  • Class methods

Want to learn more about WPE?

Go to the main WPE page, where it's all explained in great detail — including how it works, and how you can see a sample.

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Object-oriented programming isn't hard, but it does mean thinking in new and different ways — and picking up a bunch of new syntax and terminology along the way.  WPE A3 is designed to walk you through object-oriented programming, including classes, instances, methods, and attributes.
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