Weekly Python Exercise B2: Advanced topics 2 by Reuven M. Lerner

Weekly Python Exercise B2: Advanced topics 2

15 exercises for experienced Python developers, on a variety of topics. 

Launches on June 22nd, 2021

Here’s what the advanced (B) level of Weekly Python Exercise covers

Each cohort of WPE covers different topics. But the overall goal is to get you to write more Pythonic, efficient, and easier-to-read code.  Along the way, we'll cover:
  • Unlocking the immense power of decorators – learn how and where to implement them
  • Understanding threading and multiprocessing – and comparing the two of them
  • Defining classes and object-oriented programming – finally getting them to “click” in your brain if you’ve been stumped until now
  • How to use lambdas – and exactly why you would use them in certain situations
  • Using functions and nested functions – optimize your programs to be more efficient, expressive, and easily maintainable
  • The “collections” module – how “namedtuple”, “Counter”, and other classes can make your code shorter, more clear, and easier to maintain
  • Implementing iterators, generators, and the “itertools” module – make your job––and others’––easier by understanding the most important protocol in Python
  • Harnessing Python for consuming web services – automate the gathering of information from the Internet and use it in Python
  • Storing and retrieving information with relational databases – discover how Python’s DB-API offers a consistent, database-neutral interface to these databases
  • Using Python as a “glue” language – automate translating file formats, retrieving and publishing data with JSON, and executing external programs

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Go to the main WPE page, where it's all explained in great detail — including how it works, and how you can see a sample.

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