Section 10: Git on the network

For many people, the reason to use Git isn't that they can get access to previous versions, but rather so that they can collaborate with their coworkers and/or on open-source projects.  In this section of the course, I explain how Git works on the network, and how it's a logical extension of everything we've done until now.
Section 10: Git on the network
65 Git on the network
6 mins
66 Creating and cloning on GitHub and Bitbucket
12 mins
67 Cloned repositories
6 mins
68 Git push
5 mins
69 Pulling, pushing, and conflicts
15 mins
70 Exercises with pulling and pushing
2 mins
479 Bytes
71 Exercise solutions with pulling and pushing
9 mins
72 Pulling with rebase
4 mins
73 Feature branches via GitHub
5 mins
74 Merging feature branches into master
3 mins
75 Pull requests
8 mins
76 Feature merging exercises
1 min
77 Feature merging exercise solutions
7 mins
490 Bytes
78 Importing into GitHub
5 mins
79 Finale
2 mins